International Marketing models

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Name Professor Course Date Abstract Diverse political, social and economic conditions in different countries compel international businesses to apply the three models of international marketing mix, namely; ethnocentrism, polycentrism and geo-centrism. Ethnocentrism is based on the notion of the parent country being superior to the host countries.


The three models can however not be applied independently. There is an overlap in their application with the business organizations currently leaning towards the polycentric model. International Business Part One Legal Issues Relating To Global Commerce International business involves trading within and without national boundaries. The fact that business spreads across different jurisdictions gives rise to legal issues especially because many times the laws across countries are not the same. There is therefore, the need to harmonize the laws. Some of the legal considerations in international trade include the following: Tariffs (Customs) and Quotas A tariff is a tax imposed on imports and exports within a jurisdiction. The amounts of tariffs charged by the government in-charge determine whether the investors would be able to invest in a particular jurisdiction or not. Many jurisdictions use the tariff rates as the bait to either attract or chase away investors. Charging high rates would effectively discourage investment (Schaffer, Agusti, & Earle, 2010). Quotas refer to the restriction of quantities to be imported or exported in a particular jurisdiction. Governments impose maximum limits of imports to protect their domestic industry mainly from inflation caused by unfavorable balance of trade. ...
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