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Organization Analysis: Wal-Mart Name: Institution Organization Analysis: Wal-Mart The background of the company The organization initiated its activities in the year 1962 by opening its first shop at Arkansas. Years later, the organization developed into Wal-Mart stores; opening the first supply center and home administration center at Bentonville.


For example, the organization was the “Retailer of the Century,” held a strategic position in the list of the best companies in America, and appeared in the Financial Times’ list of the world most respected firms (Diermeier, 2011). Presently, Wal-Mart is a prominent business providing diverse shopping experience to the global community. The organization is currently structured into various categories with each branch offering specialized services. These districts include the Wal-Mart stores, Neighbor markets, Wal-Mart pharmacy, SAM’s Clubs, Mart Vacation among others (Spotts, 2005). The organization provides thousands of supplies through these divisions. Furthermore, the organization offers most of these products under one-room providing consumers’ with comprehensive stores from which they can fulfill all their needs (Diermeier, 2011). For example, the Wal-Mart stores have electronics, groceries, automotive, healthcare products and clothes among others. Globally, the entity operates strong units in Canada, Argentina, Costa Rica, the UK, Japan, China and many other parts of the world (Spotts, 2005). The company’s success is attributable to its strategic organization and innovative management capable of facing competition pressures accordingly. ...
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