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Running Head: MARKET LOUIS VUITTON ON SOCIAL NETWORK Market Louis Vuitton on Social Network [The name of the writer will appear here] [The name of the institution will appear here] [The name of the Professor] [Course] Executive Summary As Facebook continues to grow in popularity and number of users, businesses- both big and small, have realized the importance of marketing on Facebook.


The main purpose of Facebook advertising is to develop a connection with the users and also to sell products in the case of numerous small businesses that have sprung up in the recent years on Facebook. In order to develop a strong presence, small businesses need to upload on a regular basis and interact with their consumers. To generate or maintain interest, they can make use of low-cost Facebook advertising or offers on their own page. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview of the Company 3 History of Louis Vuitton 4 Online Presence 5 Analysis of Facbook Page 5 Advertising on Facebook 8 Developing a Connection 8 Consumer Trust 9 Media Fragmentation 9 Recommendation for Small Businesses 10 Starting a Small Business on Facebook 11 Marketing a Small Business on Facebook 11 Introduction Louis Vuitton is a premium fashion brand that operates from Paris around the whole world. The name, Louis Vuitton has become synonymous with fashion and is known globally as a symbol of style and fashion. The store sells luxury products ranging from leather goods to even books. Louis Vuitton sells its products through its own boutiques, through leased stores and recently through its online website. ...
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