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Student’s name Name of Professor Course title Date of Submission Qualitative Analysis Comparison of the Economic Environment between Singapore and Argentina Singapore is one of the nations in the world with a well established and efficient free-market economy.


Compared to other developed countries Singapore has low tax rates with a very high per capita GDP globally. Singapore has a very innovative and stable economy which is merged with efficient economic planning under the Economic Development Board that helped to establish a free market. Singapore’s main exports include; chemicals, services and electronics which provide the main sources of revenue for the country. Most firms are registered as private Limited companies. The country experiences a very low supply of water with a limited arable land for agriculture. Moreover, Singapore has a port that is strategic enough to give it an edge over the neighboring countries that carries Entrepot trade. Most of its labor comes within the population which is owed to the efficient education policy in the country that produces skilled labor for the industries in the country. The Argentinean economy is dominated by agriculture, which contributes the largest percentage of the GDP. The country has fair economic policies that aim at increasing the exports from the main productive sectors. The main natural resources that contribute immensely to the country’s economy are minerals such as zinc, lead, copper, tin, oil and natural gas, uranium, iron, manganese and lithium. The main agricultural products produced in the country include; grains and livestock products. ...
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