Analysis of the president campaign through market research possess

Analysis of the president campaign through market research possess Essay example
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Other name (s) Course Instructor’s name Course Code Date of Submission Analysis of the President Campaign through Market Research Process Statement of the Problem The United States will conduct its presidential elections in November 2012. Presidential electors will have a chance to officially elect both the President and the Vice President of the United States.


On the Election Day, voters will have a chance to cast their votes for both the President and the Vice President. In the process, they will also be able to choose the electors who will represent their respective states in the Electoral College. With just around 30 days left to the U.S presidential elections, it is important to analyze the presidential campaign of each of the main presidential contenders using a market research analysis process. This paper will also discuss the main voter constituencies as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each of the presidential candidate before finally predicting the winner. Objectives of the Market Research Process The primary objective of this market research analysis is to develop a logical interpretation of the data regarding the potential electoral victory of any of the two main presidential contenders in the forth coming elections. The analysis will also evaluate and measure the attitudes of voting behavior of the U.S population and finally use this analysis to predict the likely winner of the November 2012 presidential elections. ...
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