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Project Domino's Pizza marketing strategist

o the increase in demand for fast food in the market and as a result of which new and existing pizza manufacturers have been entering or expanding their operations in the markets globally. It needs to be mentioned in this regard that the aspect of globalization also influenced Domino’s Pizza owing to which the company has been making constant attempts to enter or expand their operations in the new global markets. It was found in this respect that Domino’s intended to enter the markets of Argentina with their available or innovative fast foods such as pizza and drinks among others in order to realize their expansion plans. History and Origin of Domino’s Pizza Domino’s Pizza was introduced in the year 1960 and started operating in Michigan, United States by serving fast foods and deserts among others. Gradually, after capturing the market of US, the company started to expand its business overseas along with encompassing all the states of US. Presently, the company is known to be operating in 70 countries with 10000 stores. Domino’s Pizza is considered to be amongst the largest chains of pizza restaurants currently owing to its global presence. Moreover, in the year 1998, the owner of Domino’s Pizza sold 93% of the company to Bain Capital Inc and in 2004, it transformed into a public company.
Domino’s introduced innovative ideas with regard to their food products as well as services for the global market in order to satisfy the customers’ demands along with expanding the business operations. A few of the innovative food items introduced by the company can be identified as new inspired pizza, Domino’s heat wave, a desert food named cinna stix, cheesy dots and classic cheese burger among others. ...
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The paper discusses the history and achievements of Domino’s Pizza. A detailed plan for Domino’s Pizza to enter into a new market in order to effectively commence its business has been widely considered…
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