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Marketing Professional Name Institution Date Marketing Professional Discuss the Growth and Development of no- for-Profit Organisations in Australia Today? Not-for-profit organisations (NFP) exist for reasons other than profit generation. These organisations can act as vehicles for alleviating societal problems whose solutions cannot be provided by the commercial enterprises.


The revenue base of the industry has increased at a constant rate of 3.5% and only decreased in 2008-2009 after the business donors cut-back. NFP organisations offer a wide array of services including operating hospitals, schools, and churches, as well as participating in community causes and fundraising events. The products offered a range from a sausage snack to Doctor of Philosophy degree. The prominent factor leading to the growth of NFP in Australia is the government support. This occurs in the form of direct funding, indirect funding e.g. concessions, and providence of a regulatory environment. The government offers financial services to these organisations as recognition for the value of their services in upholding the community welfare. Commercial enterprises have also contributed in the growth of NFPs through philanthropy support. Competition for government contracts and members services has enabled the NFPs to adopt efficient and superior strategies necessary for improvement of their competitive orientation. The NFPs associate with commercial entities on many occasions to improve social outcomes of some of their activities. The services offered by NFPs are superior to the ones offered by profit organisations in terms of the fields in which they operate and the basic character. ...
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