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Airbnb SWOT Analysis

Airbnb SWOT Analysis

It allows for sharing of resources amongst the public. Secondly, Airbnb enjoys a strong and admirable image and reputation. Its presence is recorded in almost all streets in Paris. The number of users has grown significantly over the last two years, especially in France (Botsman, 2012). Thirdly, Airbnb is furnished with a team of employees with brilliant skills. This team is made up of young entrepreneurs who are innovative and hard working. Airbnb has a beautifully crafted online system with a unique design. The other strength of Airbnb is its focus on hospitality rather than many business ideas.

Several weaknesses are associated with Airbnb. These include its limited internal capabilities when handling legal issues as defined by the local and federal governments. Some of these legal issues include hospitality laws whose definition was done before the introduction of modern technology. The company has a low rate of sharing and exploitation of finite resources due to the failure to focus on environmental impacts of the business. Several users of Airbnb have been subjected to heavy fines for renting out apartments to users for a short time. In several states and cities, this is regarded as illegal one is subjected to heavy fines (Mills, 2014). ...
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The determination of the strategic position of Airbnb as a company is subject to a detailed and comprehensive SWOT analysis. The analysis describes the business position at any particular time. The concept of collaborative consumption is essential in the realization of web-powered interaction at Airbnb…
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