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Brand Analysis Name: Institution: Brand Analysis A brand may be described as a symbol, name, design, term, or unique feature that distinguishes one firm’s services and products from other market players. Brand image is the perception in the consumers’ mind of a brand’s whole personality, both real and imaginary, including its shortcomings (Coucha, 2011).


Nike was started in the early 1960s when Phillip Knight, the Chief Executive Officer and William Bowerman, partnered to develop a coach’s idea of manufacturing products that would help to improve the consumers’ performance, who were athletes, on the track (Coucha, 2011). Nike ventured into it with the promise to make possible “authentic, athletic performance” with their shoes (Schmidt & Chris, 2002). That became their brand promise. The brand image that Nike initially launched was purely an American emblem, associated with high performance, aggressive and innovative top male athletes. These athletes were considered achievers, in line with what Nike intended to present to the consumers (Coucha, 2011). In delivering their product related promise, Nike joined the growing aerobics arena which was influencing the design of shoes towards being more fashionable, albeit less durable. Although other manufacturers were using garments to manufacture shoes for the aerobics market, Nike stuck to leather, which was more long lasting but considered less fashionable (Kunde, 2002). As part of extending their non tangible promise, Nike took to the corporate scene by embracing the global social responsibility. ...
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