How to improve police image in Luassane, Switzerland? - Research Paper Example

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How to improve police image in Luassane, Switzerland?

There is a need to find out the actual cause and the most appropriate solution. The current image of the police force in Lausanne The police in Lausanne are struggling with an image problem. The head of the police department resigned citing criticism over policing in the Vaud capital. This has caused the police department to be in a state of confusion. The police chief challenged anyone capable of leading the police department to come forth and take charge. This exposes the desperation the police leadership in Lausanne. The police leadership tends to lack a strong sense of direction. This trickles down the police ranks in the police department, (Chan, 1997). The police policies are non functional. The youths over drink openly and women can walk for long alone due to insecurity concerns. Police leadership makes decrees which are not part of the police policy. The police are perceived to be soft on crime. The people of the city are increasingly becoming insecure. This is because the police are ineffective. For instance, the streets became a battlefield following a dispute between hockey team fans in Lausanne and Fribourg. This led to arrests and fights. The police were clearly unable to handle the situation in the city. The police leadership does not take the responsibility when such events occur. The police department needs an urgent rebranding in order to win the public confidence. ...
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Police image in Lausanne, Switzerland Name: Institution: Introduction Lausanne is the capital of the canton. It is situated in Romandy, the French speaking part of Switzerland. For any police force to be effective it has to consider the international police ethics…
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