Starbucks' Strategy andInternal Initiatives to Returnto Profitable Growth (case study)

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Starbucks’ Strategy and Internal Initiatives to Return to Profitable Growth Name: Institution: STARBUCKS’ STRATEGY AND INTERNAL INITIATIVES TO RETURN TO PROFITABLE GROWTH (CASE STUDY) Starbucks began as a small enterprise when Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bawker and Zev Siegel opened it in the year 1971.


On top of this, Schultz added cold coffee drinks, coffee related equipment and accessories, a compact disc line, espresso beverages, and food into the menu in various retail stores. Starbucks also seeks to make the company a comfortable and a great place to work. This maintains employee satisfaction at Starbucks, which is done via offering its staff competitive wages, as well as benefits packages that include an option on stocks. Starbucks has been faced with many challenges that have seen its strategy evolve. Starbucks has been faced with many challenges that have seen its strategy evolve. Q. 1) What was Howard Schultz’s original strategic vision for Starbucks? Is his 2010 strategic vision for Starbucks different from the one he had in the 1980s? How many times has his strategic vision changed? Is his present strategic vision likely to undergo further evolution? Howard Schultz’s original plan for Starbucks involved the creation of an Italian style “espresso bar” retail chain, which would also sell coffee related equipment and the coffee beans, as well as expand the corporation out of Pacific Northwest, inclusive of Chicago (Shah & Thompson, 2010). Schultz envisioned the use of top quality dark roasted coffee beans. ...
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