CORPORATE MANAGEMENT & FINANCE- Assessment Element 2 Essay example
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Corporate Management & Finance- Assessment Element 2 Table of Contents Overview 4 Financial Position 4 Key Financial Indicator: 4 Financial Ratio: 5 Financial Statement Analysis 7 Liquidity Analysis 8 Solvency Analysis 9 Sainsbury’s 15 Business Objectives 15 Forecasts and Strategic Plan: 15 Strengths 15 Weakness 16 Opportunities 16 Threats 16 TESCO 17 Business Objectives 17 Forecast and Strategic Plan 17 Strengths 18 Weakness 18 Opportunities 18 Threats 18 Morrison’s 19 Business Objectives 19 Strengths 19 Weakness 19 Opportunities 19 Threats 19 Investment Recommendations: 19 References 21 Overview This report is intended to provide potential investors with a financial analysis and insight


Financial Position Key Financial Indicator: This part of the report includes some key financial performance indicators for the three-retail giant of UK. This three company shares almost 72% of UK retail market share. Looking at the size of the company it is very important for management to identify the key financial performance indicator for their organisation. Sales Growth This is one of the major performance indicator for most of the companies particularly companies within retail sector. These companies are serving consumers by providing their basic and luxury items. Sales growth indicates company’s current position in the market as compare to its peer group. Since UK retail market is almost an oligopoly market it can be easily evaluate the performance and efficiency of the management of these three companies. Operating Profit Operating profit is another appropriate performance measurement indicator. ...
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