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A Mintel article mentions that “clean laundry is closely linked to a sense of domestic success, and is closely associated to home making”.


The laundry business has long been a major source of income for many individuals (Yung, et.al., 2006). The industrial revolution has brought forth the use of washing machines, which has then led to businesses within the laundry services line (Yung, et.al., 2006). To date, this business has grown and expanded. In the current age of computers and the Internet, most businesses have now included online features for their clientele (Yung, et.al., 2006). Significant improvements in these online features have been added throughout the years, including the various options available for customers. This website features a description of the kind of basic services offered by the business, including the types of items which they can clean as well as the prices corresponding to each type of laundry. The website includes a phone number and the address of the laundry service. Other services including the repair of clothes would also be seen on the site. Additional features which would be included in the website are the following: 1. What they offer. Additional features to be added would include wedding laundry, domestic laundry, restaurant laundry, and hotel laundry. These are distinct and specific types of laundry which often require different types of handling. Wedding laundry would likely include clothes for the bride/groom and the entourage. Items of this nature are delicate and require an enormous amount of care – more than what is usually needed for other types of laundry. The other kinds of laundry mentioned above would have qualities specific to their industry. ...
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