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Name Class Teacher Date 1. What key segments can you identify for this product / service? Are there any differences in segmenting low involvement vs. high involvement?  The respondents for my assignment were two males and two females. Among those who made a relatively new purchase of high involvement product were the males.


In low involvement product, differences in segmentation were not that evident and often ignored. The reason I can surmise why segmentation is more evident in high involvement product than low involvement product was that high involvement product takes so much resources and time from the consumer that segmentation becomes significant. For example, in the respondents whom I asked for their considerations before buying the car, the interviewees really made a careful thought before buying the car. Considerations like fuel consumption, maintenance, up front cost, performance, comparison with other cars, etc. were considered before buying the car if indeed it was a real value for their money. Here, cars that were positioned in the lower to middle segment in the market caught their attention. High end cars with exorbitant price tags were automatically struck off from their list. Therefore, the segmentation of the market in terms of price worked for my respondents even if they belong to upper middle class income bracket who could afford more expensive cars. To validate my initial assumption about segmentation, I asked a respondent why he is zeroing in on value cars and not the flashy cars which men typically like. ...
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