The Rise and Fall of LTCM

The Rise and Fall of LTCM Essay example
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Name Professor Company Analysis Date The Rise and fall of LTCM Hedge fund and mutual funds The hedge funds and Mutual funds are managed by the portfolio, whereby a group of managers selects securities that are expected to perform well, and they are gathered, in a single portfolio, and portions of the funds are sold to investors.


On the other hand, there are differences between hedge and mutual funds, whereby the hedge funds are managed more aggressively compared to the mutual funds, hence making it possible to take speculative positions in derivative securities like decisions to short sell stock. Moreover, this increases leverage and risk of the funds hence are making it possible for the funds to gain profits when the market is declining. On the other hand, mutual funds are not allowed to be involved in highly leveraged positions; hence, they are considered safer than the hedge funds. Main sources of LTCM initial success The main sources of success for LTCM were associated with a complex mathematical model that the company had established in order to benefit from fixed income arbitrage deals within the bonds of U.S.A, Japanese and European governments (Dunbar, 5). They applied the fundamental idea of the changes in the values of the long dated bonds issued a short time apart, which becomes similar. Nevertheless, the bonds were approached at a different rate, and they were more traded bonds like the US Treasury bonds, whereby the long-term prices are approached more effectively, though they are less heavily traded and liquid. ...
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