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Understanding customers- analysing customers using mosaic

Understanding customers- analysing customers using mosaic

It helps to increase customer loyalty and thereby thwarts customers from switching to the products offered by other companies. Mosaic UK is a useful tool utilised by many companies to develop their segmentation strategy based on the consumer classifications provided in the Mosaic profile system. First of all a detailed analysis of the Mosaic profile system developed by Experian plc is presented in this study. Next this study would include analysis of information reports prepared by Experian related to three retailers operating their business operations in United Kingdom. The customer profiling related to each of the three retailers would be compared to have an idea about its impact on the different marketing strategies followed by the organisations. Segmentation of customers is an important marketing strategy followed by the business organisations and its importance has also been included in this study. Next this report takes help of a case study for suggesting some consumer marketing ideas for some fashion retailers who might be interested to target a specific Mosaic Group.
Experian plc has developed a system which helps in classification of the households in UK and has been named as Mosaic UK. It is a type of geo-demographic segmentation system which is available commercially. Consumer classification reports prepared through Mosaic UK are helpful in understanding the Behaviour, demographics and lifestyles followed by all the households and individuals present in UK. ...
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This research study mainly dealt with customer profiling and segmentation aspect of marketing strategies followed by business organisations. The Mosaic profile system prepared by Experian has been described in details. …
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