Managing Value for Competitive Advantage

Managing Value for Competitive Advantage Essay example
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Company Analysis Name: Institution: Executive Summary The business environment has undergone tremendous transformation over the last few years. There has been a fundamental shift from just concentrating on economic profitability to a business model that is cognizant of the larger circle of people who can affect or can be affected by a firm.


An in-depth analysis of the level of stakeholder relationships in the company illustrates how the company has managed to create meaningful connections that are a pillar to its success. The company has grown consistently over the years and at the core of its strategy is the commitment to offer value to its clients. The process of creating value and building strong relationships with stakeholders has a direct result of positively impacting on the profitability of the company. Therefore, it is recommended that companies should adopt a value creation strategy in order to remain competitive. The stakeholders’ relationships should also be strengthened to help a business to remain sustainable in the long-term. a) Critically evaluate classic and current literature to discuss the importance of “creating and adding value for the stakeholder” as a key requirement for sustained competitive advantage in the 21st century organizational environment. The rapid changes in business environment in the 21st century demand that businesses reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant. The economy has changed from being commodity based to become a knowledge –based one. Sources of value creation have shifted from tangible assets to intangible things such as social and human capital. ...
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