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The theme park was founded in the year 1923 by Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Company aimed at producing unparalleled entertainment experiences for people based on its fun-filled environment, joy-rides,…


Disneyland mainly targeted the children because it could help the company to increase the footfalls. Children are not allowed to go by themselves by their guardians hence, the company received more visitors and the business had a profound effect in the company’s profit. The primary objective of Disneyland Paris was to attract the citizens of Europe to the large amusement park without facing any political disturbances (McCrie, 2011, p.7). The Disneyland Paris incorporated some changes in their theme park in order to attract the local visitors. The theme park consisted of the American cartoon characters along with a flavour of the French culture. Restaurants and snack bars had seating arrangements because the French preferred to sit and relax while dining. The Disneyland Paris also aimed at reducing long queues by providing diversion for people; for example, additional studios and theatres near the rides. Since Disneyland concept in Europe was new and it was an American theme park, the company decided to hire most of the French as staffs. The quality of service was improved on a high scale and the visitors were taken care by the staffs with high level of courtesy. The operations management of Disneyland played a crucial role for the benefit of the company. The management department enhanced the quality of service and the restaurants. The staffs were taught to be very polite to the visitors because it was the only key to attract more customers and increase the revenue of the company. Since Disneyland Paris was a mega project established in Europe, special approaches were required to be taken in order to develop a positive reputation in the market. The staffs and the management of Disneyland Paris were able to create a courtesies environment in the work culture. The rides and the characters of Disneyland also played important role to gain the attention of visitors (Murthy, 2009, p.92). Overall the standard operating procedure of Disneyland was based on ...
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