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Name Course Instructor Course Title Date of Submission Marketing Qn. 1 A Diagnosis of the Situation Facing the Franchise First, the franchise has already identified the market segment that it will serve its products. In this case, the franchise identifies the University of Delaware students as the main target population, which will promptly offer the franchise a ready clientele base.


In this regard, the 30,000 residents of the suburb will form part of the clientele base, and more during the summer when most students of UD will not be in session. Indeed, Mike has evidence that sales are higher during the summer. For this reason, the resident of this suburb should also be part of the initial marketing strategy. In addition, the franchise should develop future marketing plans with an intention of ensuring that they created customer loyalty with the Delawareans living in this suburb. In effect, Mike will have customers in his Scoop Shop all year round. The area where the franchise plans to locate its operations is undergoing developments and changes. In this case, the franchise will have a few competitors at the introductory stage. However, Mike’s shop will offer more products than those offered by these competitors, which makes his products differentiated. In this case, a marketing strategy that the franchise will design at first must aim at publicizing these differentiated products and creating an impression that customers will experience more value for their money. In addition, the strategy must sustain value to ensure that the franchise had a long-term sustainability advantage due to expected future direct and indirect competition. ...
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