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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Article 1: The article grapples with the economic issues surrounding Southern European economies and sets out to provide comprehensive suggestions for how many of these issues could be ameliorated by attracting high level of DFI (Direct Foreign Investment) and/or JVs (Joint Ventures).


In order to maximize the amount of foreign investment that a given economy may enjoy, the authors put forward a list of key areas that policy makers should focus upon in order to reap the most benefits from the increasing need and desire that MNC (Multi-National Corporations) have to continue to expand their presence. Many of the changes that have been proposed by this research are concentric upon changing the perceptions map that MNCs often view a given nation or geographic. Such perceptions mapping are oftentimes difficult to reverse due to longstanding biases that may exist on the systemic level; however, implementing policies which effectively reduce or negate such a subset of biases is a powerful step in reigniting the interest of MNCs with relation to serving the needs of a given market and providing low cost alternatives that many of the competing nations cannot offer. As such, the authors list a 14 point rubric that they claim is a deciding metric for how MNCs determine overall attractiveness of a given nation with regards to an expansion effort or influx of investment into the system. ...
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