Hierarchies, Incentives and Firm Structure

Hierarchies, Incentives and Firm Structure Essay example
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Name Course Institution Date Hierarchies, Incentives and Firm Structure Question C 1.0 Introduction Developments carried out in the bio-tech or high-tech fields in the production of new products or services may perpetually involve the combination of a highly specialized set of skills or techniques from different fields.


They suggest that it contains the majority of elements that a partnership has only that it defines the period that it will end. However, joint ventures have been said to have their own predicaments. This paper describes the joint venture of SynChem and Henlin Biotech in utilizing their power in chemical research in technologically upgrading the chemical industry in China. This happened after SynChem had submitted their first application for a patent after discovering the linker technology anti-body drug conjugate (ADC) (Cheng, p.76). The paper additionally describes the benefits and/or problems that all of one of the participants in the joint venture. Finally, it discusses how the joint venture could be set up in such a way so that it still produces the potential benefits but avoids some of the pitfalls inherent in such projects. 2.0 Benefits and Pitfalls The chairman, president and other esteemed guests from Henlin Biotech visited the offices of SynChem with an intention of negotiating a joint venture with the company on upgrading the chemical industry in China. These visitors said that by combining their capabilities in research, both companies would greatly benefit in modernizing or upgrading their technologies. ...
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