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How religion has an impact on marketing.

Due to the increase in the population of the Islam, their behavior has been noted to influence how things are done as their immense numbers is a reflection of real economic figures. It is impressive to note that marketing in commerce is very important to Muslims as they inhabit most of the richest countries in the world. The practice of business in Muslim religion has to be compliant with the Quran and the Muslim law. For instance, during advertisements, the female image used represents a typical Muslim woman with a head scarf as such trends are more identifiable with the conservative Muslim trends. This paper seeks to provide insights into the impacts of marketing on Islamic culture by illuminating on the intersection of business conduct and Islamic teachings.
There are various reasons that has motived the growth of commerce in Islamic religion thereby making it one of the most important global economy. First, the increased Muslim population forming a fifth of the world’s population has an impact on the behaviors an attitudes of Muslim adherents. Moreover, during the 2008-2009 financial crises, most of the world’s economies were shattered. This allowed traders practicing Islamic finance to benefit heavily from the gains at that time thereby boosting their prosperity. Muslim traders were also boosted by the oil boom and the fact that the Muslims were increasingly becoming the most affluent consumers globally thereby promoting Muslim trade. Other reason include the improvement in the level foreign investment, the efforts towards the formation of a Muslim trading bloc, globalization and the efforts put forward in enhancing Islamization of countries with majority of their population being Muslim. Such efforts include defining Muslim codes to be followed in all conducts of life, this will impact of commerce too (Saeed et al. 2001).
Sharia is the Islamic law that is responsible for ...
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In Quran (2:275), it states that ‘God has made business lawful for you’. Furthermore, the prophet of the Islam, Prophet Mohammed was involved in commerce and he is known for…
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