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Book Review Introduction The character of a person is constructed based on the innate nature or the natural attributes possessed by the individual. Such innate features of one’s inborn nature in turn feature the different types of habits reflected by the person during the course of social or group interactions.


Stephen Covey in the light of the aforesaid point tends to highlight seven main Habitual Features in his book ‘The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Individual’ that should be ingrained in a person to thereby help in the construction of the Effective Individual. Habit1 The first habit relates to suggesting an individual to be Proactive and not Reactive to the events or occurrences in the surrounding environment. This behavioral change can be developed by the individual in endeavoring to build one’s own ‘circle of influence’ through focusing on enhancing the accessibility to people and resources. Enhancing focus on ‘circle of influence’ assists in reduction of dependence on the outer periphery the ‘circle of concern’ from where consequences of actions emanate from. Stephen Covey herein renders an example of a recessionary situation where persons involved in the Home-Improvement Business to counter its impacts needs to work on strategies to reduce cost and enhance market share. Finally Covey mentions that one should not evade from mistakes but rather must focus on gaining learning from such (Covey 65-91). Habit 2 The second habit relating to being an effective individual initiates with identification of the end goals. Herein, the author wants the individual to understand the basic purpose of one’s life or actions and thereby to devise or plan the steps accordingly. ...
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