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Marketing Portfolio Project Overview The paper focuses upon presenting a comprehensive marketing plan for International E-Z UP, Inc. which specializes in selling instant shelters. The study shall aim at identifying the present situation of the company and thus would intend to offer distinctive marketing plan strategies to further improve its position and overall sustainability.


The company has been first in terms of innovation, quality as well as customer satisfaction in around 50 countries. The key to success for the company is its commitment towards the company-wide values (International EZUP, 2012). Mission Statement and Goals The main objective of the company is to focus towards honesty, people, customers as well as innovation. It also places greater emphasis at offering the customers with quality products and services with the objective to satisfy them and thus maintaining long-term relationship with them. Focus The main focus of the company has been upon the domestic market. However, in order to attain growth and to beat the competition it is quite imperative for International E-Z UP to shift its focus to international markets as well with advanced products thereby meeting the needs and the demands of the global marketplace. It will also focus upon providing the customers with quality products in order to ensure sustainability in the long run. In order to attain this objective the company can implement Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques such as Kaizen. ...
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