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Different types of advertising

This "Different Types of Advertising" essay outlines seven various types of ad, their functions and attributes. Institutional advertising focuses on projecting ideas, benefits, as well as, philosophies of a particular business. Fundamentally, the promotional messages aim at building a positive image, enhancing a reputation, and creating goodwill as opposed to promoting sales (Shah & D'Souza, 2009). In essence, the organizations employ institutional advertising as a marketing strategy. Notably, institutional or corporate advertising tends to create positive public relations. Non-profit advertising entails reaching customers to participate in certain programs. Non-profit organizations such as associations, foundations, museums, charities, and hospitals solicit for financial assistance and membership through this type of advertising (Moriarty, Mitchell, & Wells, 2011). Primarily, non-profit advertising entails creation of slogans and logos, as well as, development of campaigns through the media to popularize the organizations to the public. Public service advertising targets the general population. The design of the advertisement is to educate and inform the public rather than promoting or selling products and services. It is noteworthy that the seven types of advertising differ markedly. Notably, each type of advertising seeks to attain a certain goal. Brand advertising aims at increasing consumer base and sales through creating a brand image and identity in the minds of the public. ...
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This essay describes various types of advertising, their targets, and characteristics. The advertisers create a unique image and name in the minds of the consumers. Retail or local advertising concentrates on the retailers, distributors, and dealers within a given geographical locality. …
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