Criticize of Marketing Myopia article

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“Marketing Myopia” Name Institution Date Theodore Levitt published “Marketing Myopia” originally in 1960. This book offered insights on how to get equipped mentally before embarking on any business plan. Myopia means shortsightedness. It shows how any business should focus on satisfying customer’s needs and wants to maximize profits.


He argued that there is no such thing as a growth industry, what is there is growth opportunities that one should take advantage of to enhance their welfare. Levitt also gives people a better understanding of misconceptions like the belief that growth is guaranteed by an expanding population. Instead, the commodities released should target a certain gender or age. He also shows that mass production does not always yield as expected due to imbalances in the scale of production. Mass production results to low cost per unit as the output increases. In production, one should focus on the quality of produce rather than the marketing. Good quality output markets itself as compared to poor quality ones that have to be pushed into the market. Since most enterprises needs lie on maximizing profits than it is more appropriate to focus on the company’s needs rather than customers’ needs. A brilliant marketer creates products that suit the consumer and are affordable. Good quality products in the market gain popularity faster when compared to poor quality ones by competitors. This gives the market true illusion of what your products are like. Theodore Levitt gives companies a clue on how to maintain efficiency with its rising popularity. An increase in output quantity tends to reduce unit cost, and if not monitored it pulls down the business. ...
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