Analysis of a Marketing News Story

Analysis of a Marketing News Story Essay example
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Analysis of a Marketing News Story Student’s Name Student ID Number Course Title & Code Instructor’s Name Date Total Number of Words: 1,000 The news report published by the Telegraph talks about Google’s decision to acquire the online marketing company that was established by the Wildfire (Sparkes, 2012).


Although this particular news report talks about the business tactic of Google, it also brings up new idea with regards to the future developments in online marketing options. Advertisements are referring to a “paid-message in a form of media” with the purpose of attracting the attention of the target consumers (Faber, Lee and Nan, 2004). Aiming to reach for the target audience, the traditional advertisers utilizes newspapers, magazines, radio, television, mail, telephone, billboards, posters, fliers, CDs, and audiotapes as a communication channels (Kotler, 2000, p. 15). On the other hand, the use of on-line advertisements such as the use on-line banners (usually appears at the top end of a web page), e-mail, search engine advertisements such as or, the interactive on-page media ads, streaming audio and video among others has been widely used to catch the attention of online viewers. In fact, the use of online advertisement tools is considered as on of the fastest growing medium for modern advertisements (Faber, 2002). According to Kotler (2003, p. 4), the main reason why large-scale companies are advertising their products is to “inform, persuade, remind, or reinforce” the public consumers’ purchasing behaviour. ...
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