Marketing plan for Riverford

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Name Professor Course Date Marketing Plan for Riverford Financial summary Riverford has been responsible for delivering organic fruits and vegetable to more than 40, 000 homes to keep the health of these individuals at a higher level and satisfy the craving to lead a substantial life (Asprin Group 2004, p1).


The measure has also downgraded the staff level into a manageable number with the delivery system maintained. Cost of the merchandize transacted The summation of the products sold to the clients within the next three years will be obtained from the sellers who have been tasked with keeping a record of the orders completed (Kotler, Keller, Brady, Goodman, and Hansen 2009, p16). Based on the past records, the records have suggested that Riverford affords to deliver to at least 600 homes within England on a daily basis. With the launch of the website service, the number is expected to rise to a minimum of 1000 deliveries daily. The transport cost per delivery is expected to cost 15% of the total delivery made, generating a profit of 23% of the total expenses used in production. The costs of internet services included in the profit ratings include $235 per month, which includes the e-mail service fee. Other Costs The number of trucks to be added in the new delivery routine is expected to be added in the field. The total cost per truck will hike by 10% within the next two years costing $500,000 per truck. The growth would be based on the ability of the company to employ new employees on the management field with four supervisors on the new branches to cost $2500 monthly. ...
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