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Identify 2 trends in each category: beauty, fashion and commerce, and find a link to future trend predictions in each area. Look - Article Example

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Trends in Beauty, Fashion, and Commerce Introduction Beauty, fashion, and commerce are characterized by changing trends with time. In the beauty industry, numerous changes occur due to the wide range of products being created each day…

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Identify 2 trends in each category: beauty, fashion and commerce, and find a link to future trend predictions in each area. Look

This paper focuses on how different trend in the beauty, fashion, and commerce industries affect the socioeconomic, market trend, product adaptation, packaging, consumer communication, and macro consumer aspects. Additionally, the paper will analyze how the trends affect consumer behaviors and discuss the future prediction of the trends. Trends in the Beauty industry The beauty industry is not static but keeps changing, in the recent past numerous changes in the brand of products and in technology involved in manufacture of beauty products have changed the socioeconomic, market trend, product adaptation, packaging, consumer communication, and macro consumer aspects. In the recent past, several small beauty companies grew rapidly due to invention of several new products. The need for more effective beauty products has led to involvement of profession from different field in the research Professions such as estheticians, dermatologists, makeup artists, and fashion designers are increasingly becoming interest in beauty industry (Vinkin 70-75). This has led to invention of better beauty products, which have gained global acceptance. Economically, completion has increased in the beauty industry with large profits being witnessed. The beauty industry has thus become an important component in several countries. The increased completion has resulted in improve packaging by different manufacturers. ...
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