Financial Analysis and Pricing Structure

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Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date Financial Analysis and Pricing Structure The understanding of financial status and pricing of an organization is important in the overall implementation of a strategy that will work better for the specific organization.


Off 2 Gran Grans is a service organization with a significant emphasis on using corporate social responsibility as a positioning and competitive tool. The target market for the company is the senior citizen aged 60 to 100, with a secondary market consisting of immobilized shut-ins of varying age categories to assist in revenue production. Off 2 Gran Grans provides assistance services, such as house cleaning and errand running for medications and groceries, with a supplementary service for visitation, consisting of gate keeping services and interpersonal relationship development. Being alone is rather frightening to most senior citizens supporting psychologists stating that warm interpersonal relationships are the most fundamental of human needs (Brammertz and Akkizidis 9). Off 2 Gran Grans will provide psychological adjustment for its target consumers and also fill a tangible need that require fulfilling due to limited mobility, lack of access to transportation, and lack of family and social support. Financial Analysis for Off 2 Gran Grans In the financial analysis of the products and services that Off 2 Gran Grans, the business will need to re-evaluate the number of customers that are likely going to require its services and determine the revenue that it expects from the services it will offer to the customers (Brammertz and Akkizidis 9). ...
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