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Name Institution Course Standard life. Introduction. The sole purpose of any business organization is the maximization of profits. However, the art of money making has evolved over time. This has called for the upholding of ethics, in terms of the products that they provide their consumers.


Description of the marketing concept. Marketing concepts refer to the philosophy of the management, through which the objectives and goals of a firm can be achieved. These concepts aid in the identification of customer needs, which may be stated or unstated. The marketing concept is also known as the customer relationship management. This is because the decisions that are made in the firm depend on the expectations of the customer. In the alternative cases, the management only takes the interest of its members into consideration during the decision making process. Therefore, the process is less complicated. This is because it does not require research on the expectations of the customer. Therefore, this is an undertaking that takes that willingness of a firm, as well as its managers. The marketing concept is different from all the others, which include product, selling production and holistic marketing. This is because it involves coming up with products according to the needs of the customers. The others may involve the advertisements of the products after they are ready made. Therefore, it is more of the customer finding out about the firm. In the marketing concept, market research is thoroughly conducted. The firm takes an interest in finding out the needs of consumers. This concept exhibits some intrinsic qualities. ...
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