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Marketing Concept

The marketing concept is different from all the others, which include product, selling production and holistic marketing. This is because it involves coming up with products according to the needs of the customers. The others may involve the advertisements of the products after they are ready made. Therefore, it is more of the customer finding out about the firm. In the marketing concept, market research is thoroughly conducted. The firm takes an interest in finding out the needs of consumers. This concept exhibits some intrinsic qualities. It shows consideration of tastes and preferences of consumers, as opposed motivation by profit maximization. It also shows that the firm upholds ethics unconditionally. The reason behind this is that even the thing that matters the most does not stop the firm from doing what is right.The marketing concept is both advantageous to the firm and the consumers. People tend to think that the profits of a firm are only maximized by the most direct methods whose effects are immediately felt. However, this is never the case. There is a need to look at the future. The conduction of research on consumers might seem less expensive for a small firm. However, this is an extremely expensive undertaking for a larger firm. This is because large firms may be serving a wide geographical market. It may call for the use of most of the modern technologies. Therefore, this may seem like a method that is less advantageous to the firm. ...
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The sole purpose of any business organization is the maximization of profits. However, the art of money making has evolved over time. The paper "Marketing Concept " explains the importance of this marketing concept in the promotion of business and satisfaction of customer needs…
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