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Annotated Bibliography: Marketing and Psychology Name Course Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Annotated Bibliography: Journal of Psychology and Marketing 1. Wu, L. and Lin, J. (2012). The Match between Information Control and Motivation in the Online Context.


The situation presents great market potential which is yet to be fully exploited. Consumers ought to have an easy time when looking out for information in addition to wise decision making as regards to online shopping. There are quite a number of online shops on the internet. This scenario presents varying alternatives for the consumer to choose from. Furthermore, the internet provides numerous levels of information control over the same medium. The authors have therefore developed this study with an aim to examine this particular characteristic relative to the consumers’ ability to make wise decisions when shopping online. A relevant hypothesis in this case is that the level of information control ought to be in tandem with the level of motivation in order to enhance the quality of online consumers’ decisions. A common observation has always been that consumers who are highly motivated tend to look up for relevant information. Consequently, the higher the degree of information control, the higher the chances of proper decision making by consumers. On the other hand, consumers who are lowly motivated are not willing to search for information. The authors through the study have employed an experimental type of methodology. A total of 171 participants took part in the experiment voluntarily. ...
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