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UGG boots case study

The brand was later expanded to produce sandals, clogs, boots, slippers, and handbags. Tsubo LLC, which produces sports and dress casuals, sandals, heels, and boots.
In 2003, Australian sheepskin manufacturers started selling their products online at lower prices after Decker started making millions from UGG Australia sales (Windsor, 2010). Decker sales dropped as consumers preferred the UGG product at lower prices. The actions by Australian manufacturers were unethical because Decker owned the Trademark UGG and using it to sell their goods was ripping off the corporation. In addition, another act that shows the brand’s impact on ethics is through unfair competition. This is evident when competitors imitated UGG and sold fake products to customers who had no idea that they were buying imitations. Some producers went to the extremes of using cow skin instead of sheepskin (Worley, 2014). This is wrong as these actions were taking advantage of consumers whose real intention was to buy and enjoy the benefits brought about by the real UGG Australia products. Brand names, therefore bring about the worst from people who want to take advantage and make money from consumers who lack the knowledge of knowing whether the products they are buying is real or just a cheap imitation. The owners of the products also suffer due to reduced sales after putting in resources to produce, advertise, and market their products. Their image also suffers, as wronged consumers who bought fake products will taint their name saying that the products they are selling are of poor quality. Other people may say that it is also wrong to raise sheep for their skin and use that skin to make products. It occurs as animal cruelty to the supporters of animal rights (Seltzer 2011). There is a query whether consumers are concerned that those beautiful, comfortable, and must have items were due to shaving ...
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It examines the various brands sold and acquired by Deckers throughout the years and their impact on ethics, the environment, and the economy. It further assesses the marketing decisions made by Deckers in the light of global…
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