National Branding vs Private Label Branding

National Branding vs Private Label Branding Essay example
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National Branding vs. Private Label Branding Name: Instructor: Course: Date: National Branding vs. Private Label Branding National brands typically have a better value for the consumers compared to a private label brand, because national brands generally sell far more than private label brands.


Usually, it is hard to know, without the aid of chemical analysis or other forms of tests, whether private brands match national brands. Uncertainty may occur due to many reasons. For example, a bread company produces many private-label breads. This however does not mean that private brands are of the same quality as the name (national) brand. The bread company may differ in its formula when producing private brands, and we should also consider that the private brands may not be as fresh as the national brands (Kis 10). Similarly, we can also look at the case of say the largest brewer of beer in your region under its own national label; can also be among the biggest supplier of private-label brand of beer. Many private-label brands of wines and spirits as you have witnessed are produced by well-known national-brand companies. Consumers are usually willing to pay more for national brands, because they are confident in their quality. This way they evade the risk of purchasing a low-quality product, which is usually a private label brand. Hence, if they can be convinced to try out cheaper brands and find out that their quality is similar to the national brand they are accustomed to, they may switch (Lincoln 23). ...
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