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PROMOTION Name: Institution: Verizon also referred to as Verizon Communications Inc. is a worldwide company that, over the years, has established itself in mobile phone production. In products promotion, it is essential to ensure that a company has a target market, understands the benefits of their products, and has a strategy in the way to position the services and products.


According to present company management, it is essential to have a unique selling price market promotion to ensure that the company has a difference with the rest. Promotion is inclusive in marketing and is believed to play the part of a marketing investment that is excessively essential in businesses (Gordob, 2010). Over the years, phone manufacturers have had to deal with wireless carriers so that they can have adequate access to their networks. This is the reason most phone companies have their prices dictated by the same carriers mentioned above. High pricing caused people to find other services that can be used in place of the phones. As the struggle went on, different manufacturers, Verizon included, have used the technological ideas currently flooding the markets and have come up with the models that have been used to end the struggle. According to latest statistics, world mobile users have greatly increased such that they have surpassed internet users. It has been stipulated that more than forty five million people use smartphones. Additionally, more cell phone producing companies have joined the markets hence the stiff competition for clients. However, statistics show that Verizon has acquired success in the markets through the various promotions done continually. ...
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