Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy (FoM)Report format

Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy (FoM)Report format Essay example
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Letter of Transmittal 22 July 2011 CEO Marks and Spencer London England Dear Sir, Per your request a situation analysis of Marks and Spencer is enclosed. The purpose of the report is to identify Marks and Spencer’s current market position relative to its products and to provide information and data that can aid in making decisions with respect to marketing Marks and Spencer’s products so as to prevent a crisis and to reverse current declines in sales.


2 ii 2 Contents 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 I.Situational Analysis Report 6 1.2 Background/History 6 1.2.3. The 1998 Crisis 10 1.2.4. Response to the 1998 Crisis 12 2. SWOT Analysis 12 3. Conclusion/Recommendations 15 Appendix 16 Bibliography 16 iii Executive Summary This situation analysis report examines the market conditions and the external and internal environment that led to the 1998 crisis for Marks and Spencer. It has as its primary purpose the identification of the factors that led to the crisis and the appropriate strategies utilized for reversing the crisis of 1998. Therefore a SWOT analysis is conducted with a view to identifying each of the pre-crisis factors, the crisis factors and the appropriate responses. This report concludes that Marks and Spencer had grown complacent in its brand and had not taken advantage of the opportunities accorded it for communications marketing strategies. Marks and Spencer also failed to identity the threat posed by not taking advantage of this opportunity. This report concludes by identifying ways that Marks and Spencer can improve its market share and return to the market force it once was. ...
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