Mobile marketing is more effective than e-mail marketing

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Mobile marketing is more effective than e-mail marketing A Research proposal By Student Name Professor Name ID # Date Abstract This era is known as the era of information technology in view of the fact that the innovations brought by the information technology have not only modernized the ways businesses and individuals carry out their tasks but also improved the living standards.


This paper is based on the claim “mobile marketing is more effective than email marketing”. This paper will be a comparative study of both the marketing techniques. This research will attempt to prove this claim by using the literature from the Internet and libraries. Introduction Mobile marketing is a process through which traditional marketing activities are carried out using a mobile phone. Basically, the mobile marketing is the process of using mobile phones to provide customers with location and time specific, custom-made information, which promotes goods, services and ideas (Roach). However, the question is that in this technology based era how effective is mobile marketing. This paper presents a comparison of mobile and email marketing strategies. The basic purpose of this research is to prove the claim that mobile marketing is more effective than email marketing. Literature Review According to (Roach), the current position and modern characteristics of the mobile technology as a one-to-one communication device defines that mobile marketing is evocative of an inventive kind of direct marketing. ...
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