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Based on the need to expand their market share and put at bay their competitors, UK based advertising agencies have in the last decade of the twentieth century emulated IMC as a competitive advantage.


Integrated Marketing Communications takes various definitions. For instance, according to American Association of Advertising Agencies, IMC is an aspect of marketing communication planning that recognises the added of a comprehensive policy that evaluates the specific duties of a variety of communication subjects. Major aspects that make up IMC includes public relations, advertising, direct responses and sales promotion. Integrated marketing communications has been seen by majority of advertising agencies in UK and academic writers as a philosophy of marketing communication practise that created a linkage between traditional and historical marketing strategies with the modern and information driven market systems in the 21st century. According to Cornelissen,IMC brought about changes in the UK marketing communication that replaced traditional and rigid mass communication with modern promotion and advertising strategies.Out of the Cornelissen arguments on IMC, there emerged two vital thesis concerning IMC. First thesis argued that there should be consistency in communication materials.The second thesis advocated for zero-based media planning. To attain an effective communication within UK organizations, Duncan and Everett argued that there should be adequate inter-connection of marketing communications disciplines at the corporate and department levels. ...
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