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Consumer behaviour assignment list

They are having their head quarter in the New York City. Aqua Gel Cleanser product will be having the features like it provides fresh and clean looks for the users. Exciting packaging and designing of the product will attract customers from various segments. Skin soothing policies of this cleanser are offered with cucumber, apple and aloe extracts. The cosmetic product is foam based product. Aqua Gel Cleanser is getting famous for the soap-free base and more skin friendly molecules.
1.2. Develop a tag line and a magazine ad (without the aid of a computer) by using creativity and not artistry. What can you build into your advertisements that will boost the chances that target audience members will take in the ad and send it along to short-term memory for processing? Are there elements in the ad that can be used to facilitate later retrieval of your message?
Mainly, the cleansing gel products of Makeup Artistry Cosmetics will be facing closest competition from the Clinique and other Sephora products. Brand value of MAC increased due to extensive sensational makeup collection. MAC is adopting lucrative strategies to attract the customers towards cleansing products. Major aim of the advertising policies of MAC will adopt different features of the skin care gel. Nourishment factors of the MAC based cleansers and hydration quality aspects of cleaning skins are one of the major positive attributes of the new products. Features of more clearing and smooth facial skin provisions must be outlined in the advertising massage of MAC. In addition, MAC is offering more protection of the sensitive skins. Human skin will get more refresh policies with the use of such cleanser along with water.
Advertisements of Aqua Gel Cleanser must have a proper tag line that will identify target audience and requirement of potential customers. Aqua Gel Cleanser will adopt the tag line of “hydra gel cleanser minimizing pores and smoothens skin ...
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The researcher also likes to visit Sephora stores in order to buy various cosmetic products. In the current study, researcher will use one…
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