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Name of the Student Marketing Name of the Concerned Professor 28 October 2012 Branding There is no denying the fact that the theorem “successful brands are built on successful products” is totally true and valid. Many a time companies try to push weak and irrelevant products in the market by backing them with costly and pointed marketing and advertising campaigns.


The primary thing is that branding is not a straight jacketed, isolated and sterile activity that is totally severed from the nature of the product being branded, but is rather an aspect of the overall process of product designing, manufacturing and marketing (LePla & Parker 2). The primary purpose of branding is to educate the consumers regarding how a high quality and innovative product stands apart and is way ahead of the substitutes being offered by other competitors. The popular belief is that it takes loads of money to create a successful brand. Yet, the fact is that brands are built in the minds of the actual consumers. Hence, there is no consumer who does not want a product to be bereft of the time tested attributes like quality, utility, usability, durability, credibility, reliability and reputation. Therefore, if a company has a viable product that meets all these attributes and possibly a little extra, the concerned marketing experts can easily push that product into the consumer consciousness, within an affordable budget and some productive effort. ...
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