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Assess a market

In above connection, Peattie asserted that the consumer purchase decision may not be influence by green marketing alone but also by other factors such as; Price, comfort, lifestyle, quality to name just but a few(Nobel, Teisl & Rubin, 2006). Therefore, emotive of green marketing may not be very effective because consumers are unlikely to forgo the above mentioned factors for the sake of purchasing eco-friendly products (Nobel, Teisl & Rubin, 2006). Peattie developed a useful tool for products and market analysis called Peattie framework that may help marketers to assess the performance of a product in the market (Bradley, 2007). The framework may be used in this case to evaluate where the two model of vehicles (Volkswagen and BMW vehicles) lies within Peattie framework. Additionally, the effects of having less foot print among the two vehicles selected have also been discussed in detail as well as how footprint may be eradicated (Nobel, Teisl & Rubin, 2006).The eradication of footprint may help to ensure that problem of global warming has been reduced significantly (Bishop, 2008). Assessment of where Volkswagen and BMW cars lie within the Peattie framework Peattie provided a substantial basis of evaluation of products with respect to how consumers make choices on the products that they may want to buy (Rakshita, 2011). It can be scrutinized that, much of online green marketing may not be very effective if other factors such as quality, convenience and prices are not taken into consideration (Rakshita, 2011).The two products selected for this assessment were Volkswagen vehicle manufactured in Japan and BMW vehicle manufactured in the United States. (Inderwildi & David, 20120). Research indicates that Volkswagen vehicle have been reported to release a lot of green house emission as compared to BMW (Inderwildi & David, 2012). Necessary measures have been put forth to reduce green house emission in order to make those vehicles more environmentally friendly (Inderwildi & David, 2012). In terms of quality and convenience Volkswagen car are more suitable though very expensive (Nobel, Teisl & Rubin, 2006). On the other hand in terms of prettiness and comfort BMW vehicles are more efficient and effective (Inderwildi & David, 2012). It can be observed that the consumer choice of a product depend not only on whether a product is environmentally friendly but also based on the factors within Peattie frame work as discussed herein(Inderwildi & David, 2012). Whether there are products which are better within Peattie framework? Patties framework indicate that the likelihood of a product to be in a better position depend on whether a product fulfills what the customer is looking for in product (Bradley, 2007). Therefore, between BMW and Volkswagen, BMW stand a better position within Peattie framework because the vehicle is not only ecological friendly but also provide what customers are looking for (Bradley, 2007). What should happen if Volkswagen and BMW cars have less foot print? Foot print may be defined as the product of car or a vehicle wheel base in square feet (Sim, 2009). The carbon footprint may help to determine an estimate of the annual world green house effect (Sim, 2009). Additionally, the model of a vehicle and carbon content of fuel used and annual driving mileage of each vehicle is taken into consideration when determining the carbon foot prints (Sim, 2009). The ...Show more


Market Assessment for Volkswagen and BMW cars using Peattie Framework Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Market Assessment for Volkswagen and BMW cars using Peattie Framework Introduction Peattie asserted that the emotive marketing that is stereotypical of much Green marketing is not effective…
Author : zelda32
Assess a market essay example
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Assess a market
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Assess a market
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