Individual Global Market Research Case Study Analysis

Individual Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Essay example
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Individual Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Name: Institution: The case is based on a medium sized architectural firm that is trying to expand its operation. Drew Sperry completed his studies at Nova Scotia Technical collage and decided to set up a small firm instead of being formally employed.


When Brooks shares these ideas with the rest of the management team, he receives a very strong resistance from them apart from Drew Spenser who further challenges the firm to take its operations to markets that have previously been considered unproductive (Aaker & Aaker, 2010). In business, the only pointer to growth and development is expansion. Expansion may be reflected in the increased operations of the company or by the firm devolving its operations to newer markets. By engaging in either of the two, the company has its presence felt in a wider area. This it ensures by having its good and services being sold in newer markets at least every day. However, the expansion must be effectively planned and properly researched. Failure to carry out a market research may result in lack of effective understanding of the market which may further result in severe losses and failures in whichever undertaking that a business may later engage in (Thomas & Michael, 2001). In the case study, the architectural firm faces a number of challenges right from within its management. Drew Sperry, before starting this firm, had at one time served in a secondary firm. While there, he built his own customer network; it is this network that he resorts to serve later when he sets up his own company. ...
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