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International Marketing Plan (Monster Energy)

Today, countries in the BRICS block of countries, i.e. Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia are increasingly attractive to companies seeking to expand their revenue streams and gain competitive advantages over their competitors (Onkvisit & Shaw, 2012). This paper will evaluate the attractiveness of the Russian market to Monster Energy, an energy drink company based in the US. Such a move would be seen as taking advantage of an increasingly liberalized Russian economy since the country became a member of the WTO, as well as the largely untapped non-alcoholic beverages market in the country.
A situation analysis seeks to identify micro-environmental factors that influence a firm, as well as macro-environmental factors that influence the firm’s environment. This analysis indicates to a firm about the product and organizational position, along with the overall business’ survival in the identified environment (Zou & Fu, 2011). In order to understand capabilities of the firm within the identified market, the firms should be able to identify problems and opportunities in their external and internal environment.
Monster Beverages was founded in April of 2002 as an energy drinks company by Hansen Natural Corporation, becoming the first energy drink marketed in 16-ounce cans and rising to become the second most successful energy drinks company in the world after the Austria-based Red Bull GmBH (, 2015). Previously selling natural soda and fresh fruit juices, Monster Beverage revamped its product in 2002 by launching its Monster Energy drink line by increasing its caffeine and sugar content. This also prompted its change of name to Monster Beverage from Hansen Natural, reflecting a more aggressive image compared to the previous subtle impression as a fresh juice manufacturer. With energy drinks accounting for 92.7% of the company’s net sales in 2013, while juice-based ...
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As the international business environment becomes more dynamic because of advances in technology and globalization, more companies are pushing to enter some international markets that were for a long time considered underdeveloped. With countries seeking more cooperation,…
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