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Kellogs - Marketing Essentials (my reference: bdr) Essay example
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Table of contents Introduction 2 1.1 Current company situation 2 1.2Growth strategy 2 1.3 Financial overview 3 2.0 Mission statement 4 3.0 Market share information 3 4.0 Market analysis 5 4.1 PESTEL analysis 6 5.0 Market competitors 7 5.1 SWOT analysis 8 6.1 New product service 9 7.0 Future marketing strategy 11 7.1 SMART objectives 12 7.2 Marketing opportunities 11 7.3 Acquisitions 11 8.0 Financial forecasts 11 9.0 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction This report seeks to outline a marketing plan for Kellogg’s Company for 2012-2015…


1.0 Current company situation Our company was founded in 1906 in Michigan and it specialises in producing and marketing of breakfast food such as cereals and snacks. It operates in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 180 countries. Since its inception, the company has been guided by innovation and commitment as its principles in the areas it compete in. However, we have witnessed challenges such as rising costs of inputs as well as energy in our operations during the recent years. The company also faces intense competition in this sector. 1.1 Growth strategy According to our founding principles, sustainable growth is part of Kellogg’s broader operating principle given that we try to ensure that we remain focused on profitable and revenue growth. The company continues to invest in innovation and brand building initiatives which are seen as key to sustaining its momentum of business. Through these initiatives, the company witnessed a 17 % increase in sales in 2006 which contributed to its growth. ...
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. 3.2 Porter’s Five Forces – relevant concerns. 4.0 SWOT and competitor analysis. 4.1 SWOT analysis. 5.0 New product idea for H&M. 6.0 Marketing objectives and strategy. 6.1 Pricing. 6.2 Product. 6.3 Place. 6.4 Promotion. 7.0 Segmentation, targeting and positioning. 8.0 Three year financial forecast and budget. 9.0 Metrics and implementation controls.