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Is digital marketing a force for good or evil? Use academic references and practical examples to critically address this question. - Essay Example

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Is digital marketing a force for good or evil? Use academic references and practical examples to critically address this question.

Many firms have sought to improve their performance and reach their long term objectives with the aid of new technologies that have since been developed. Marketing sector has not been left out as many managers have been observed to be moving towards marketing strategies that integrate latest technological methods and systems that can largely help reach out to the targeted customers. Brand promotion is one of the areas that have embraced digital approach in marketing and a lot of questions ranging from ethical concerns, micro environmental issues to cooperation. A debate has ensued amongst various players in the socio-economic sector arguing whether digital marketing is good or evil based on the three aforementioned dimensions. This essay aims at critically weighing up both the positive and the negative attributes of digital marketing in order to conclusively take a stand whether it is good or evil. Thesis statement: digital marketing is both good and evil depending on how it is carried out.
According to Evans and McKee (2010: 35), digital marketing is an element of electronic commerce or e-trading that utilises electronic devices to engage those they target. It is a marketing method that is supported by technology and cushioned by media. Internet is a major player in digital marketing and emails, websites, as well as social media, are used in reaching out to the target customers so they may be allured into purchasing the company’s products. Moreover, digital marketing encircles other electronic platforms that do not use internet such as the television, radio among others to promote businesses.
In the recent times, the emergence and broadcasted influence of both social and electronic media have had a substantial Effect in the lives of the society members. People have turned from the analogue ways such as letter writing, poster adverts and other unsophisticated traditional ...
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Profit generation in a business is a resultant outcome process that is achieved when good strategies and approaches are used to lure the customers into buying a company’s product. Marketing is a very key department in a business organisation. Businesses invest a lot of…
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