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cigarette product called F&H cigarette in China and UK

A strategy known as marketing mix is used to undertake a SWOT analysis in identifying a target market mentioned above.
The term marketing mix is considered a tool of business utilized by marketers in the market for developing an effective strategy, which creates a successful product mix concerning a suitable product that is sold at a suitable price in a suitable place while using a suitable promotion strategy (Kotler and Armstrong 1991). This product mix is what is known as the 4 Ps which incorporates price, product, promotion, and placement. The term SWOT analysis is an organized method of planning used to assess the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities involved in a business or a project (Kotler and Armstrong 1991). In this paper, we will examine the use of the marketing mix information in undertaking a full SWOT analysis and create a new design for our F&H cigarette product in task 3 and 4.
There are different aspects of a marketing mix of competitors, such as product characteristics, their prices, how they promote and how they distribute their products to different customers. The table below shows a marketing mix strategy for Pall Mall London.
This is the amount of money customers have to pay to get a product. Pall Mall cigarette London charges premium for its cigarettes because of its perceived high quality which is described as “smoother” and “full flavour” (BAT 2013).
This involves a company’s activities that make a product available to customers who have been targeted. Pall Mall cigarette store in the United Kingdom is located in London because it targets high end customers who have high disposable income and like smoking (BAT 2013).
This implies activities that talk about the merits of a product that persuade customers to purchase it. In 1951, Pall Mall used a popular figure like Santa Claus to sell its cigarette to people especially ...
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Marketing is concerned with communicating the value of a brand, service or product to customers, for the main aim of promoting and selling that brand, service or product (Kotler and Armstrong 1991). The techniques that are employed in marketing by marketers include choosing…
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