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Film covers motion pictures that entertain, enlighten, inspire, and educate audiences. Businesses place commercials of products in between films to appeal to consumers. The internet is an interactive electronic mass media tool and has the capacity of addressing global markets. It facilitates the transfer of information across vast geographical dimensions within a short duration. Blogs are websites that have regular entries on events, descriptions and commentary, and such can be used to market products to a distinct audience on a regular basis. The print media on the other hand, make use of physical objects like books, magazines, brochures, newspapers, pamphlets, comics, and pamphlets to relay their information. Consumer and business magazines are publications that espouse the delivery of market information on goods and services to the populace, and are published periodically. Newspapers on the other hand, are daily publications that contain information, advertising and news. They inspire the market with information on products and services on a daily basis. Another mass media tool is outdoor media and comprises placards, billboards, located outside and inside commercial locations. Numerous commercial advertisers make use of this mass media tool to advertise in public spaces (Blythe 2009). The Internet makes it easy for consumers to view, interact with, and create marketing content. ...
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Understanding the Concepts (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Pete Sanchez, a recent graduate of business school, has a different approach than his marketing manager, who believes in keeping customers at arm's length and using mass media advertising…
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