A critical response to the Marketing Myopia article

A critical response to the Marketing Myopia article Assignment example
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The article by Theodore Levitt focuses on the marketing strategies that executives should consider for their businesses.Levitt through his article introduces the most influential marketing ideas that seem to have been effective


According to Levitt, business can only succeed when the business management concentrates on satisfying customer’s needs as opposed to selling produce. Notably, customers are the backbone of any business if they do not buy the products the business can never grow (Levitt, 2004). Therefore, fulfilling the needs of customers translate to intense buying and selling products. Additionally, customers often feel comfortable to buying or engage in business with institutions that fulfill their business needs. Therefore, Theodore Levitt’s article “Marketing Myopia” is a platform that provides the management of businesses with understanding why and how to improve the productivity of businesses and the real needs of customers towards this growth. Levitt is advising the marketers to focus further on the market that shall modify products and companies instead of focusing on their own companies. Modifying products ensures that these products increase value thereby catering for the changing demands of customers and the business community. According to Levitt, first priority should be directed to the market, which is the customer. To emphasize on his new marketing myopia, Levitt uses numerous business institution (Levitt, 2004). ...
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