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Marketing and Advertising of Whirlpool

According to Larson (2009), Whirlpool has found increasing success in the global market. The success of the company is due to a particular global market and brand strategy. It is the outcome of decision-making strategic at the multi-national level. The company first extended through a standardized brand message within Europe. Whirlpool has since patterned its present international success of its European strategy. The company portrays the value of employing a consistent and efficient global market strategy. The leadership in the company notes that a strategy of transnational branding has become successful. Whirlpool has succeeded through correlation of their communication, product, pricing and market channel strategies. The same techniques are exploited presently with their continued penetration of the market and growth in both Asia and Latin America (Larson, ...
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The marketing effort of Whirlpool is designed to showcase the power of simple chores having the ability to drive greater things that can make a difference in people’s everyday lives. The company is seeking to alter people’s way of mind about the everyday effort they make to…
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