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The Brand Effect

All these factors must have congruence or compatibility in order for them to work towards the success of the business.
There are five dimensions to a framework of a particular brand. These are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness (Achouri, Bouslama 2010). The consumer is then able to feel confident about a particular product that meets these qualities. This is because he or she can connect emotionally with the product as well. They will therefore, have to rely on brand equity in order to establish the consumer personality of the product produced by a given company (Punyatoya 2011). According to (Fetscherin, Heinrich 2014), there are four quadrants that determine the attachment of a consumer to a product. In the first, the product is highly functional but a small emotional connection to the consumer. In such a case, the customer invests in the brand functionally. It is not price sensitive.
The second quadrant has consumers who have both a high functional and emotional connection to the product. The third quadrant has consumers who both low functional and emotional connections to a product. This means that they are not necessarily loyal to a particular brand. In the fourth quadrant, there are consumers who have a low functional but high connection to the product emotionally. This means that the brand does not possess all the qualities consumer is searching for, but they just use it as it emotionally compensates for missing factors. These factors are studied for a business-marketing manager to come up with the appropriate marketing skills. (Punyatoya 2011) Illustrates that a little investment product will require a strong endorser to attract the attention of customers and convince them more effectively to accept the brand. On the other hand, a high involvement product simply requires a strong argument in order to get a hold of the ...
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Some of them may be internal while others may come from external conditions. However, a part of the performance of the company is also highly attributed to the skills of the marketing manager in ensuring that the product is…
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